Ink drawing of cats with hidden cats

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Here’s the story behind this unique artwork:

The inspiration for “” was a cat named Goldie who belonged to some people I was living with in Laguna Beach, California in the seventies. Goldie was a domestic medium-haired cat with a beautiful white and gold coat. The house overlooked the ocean and had a lot of vegetation and this was Goldie’s jungle. She loved to stalk one of those little California lizards and suddenly pounce on it. She didn’t eat her prey. I think she did it for the thrill of the hunt and watching her, I imagined watching a lion or tiger stalking it’s prey in the jungle.

Years later, I received a gift of an membership with a DNA test kit. I was able to trace my roots on my mother’s side all the way back to the 1600’s in Massachusetts. I thought about Goldie and wondered if way, way back in time her ancestors were big cats that ruled the jungles or savannas. So I did a drawing of a couple cute kittens made up of those wild, big cats.

The drawing contains two kittens comprises lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, cougars, jaguars, bobcat, snow leopard, serval, golden cat, margay, marbled tiger cat, Canada lynx, pampas cat, ocelot, clouded leopard and caracal. There is also a little ‘Chaz face’ in the drawing. I hide my face in every drawing I do now. I’m not saying I’m an ancestor of cats. I’m just a fan!


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